Tuition Assistance

Course Fee Courtesy

The Course Fee Courtesy program provides financial assistance to enhance the educational development of an employee's spouse and dependent child(ren). Course Fee Courtesy consists of credit of an amount equal to one-half of the applicable Michigan resident on-campus undergraduate course fees at Michigan State University.

Educational Assistance

The Educational Assistance program is part of the benefit package provided by Michigan State University to regular support staff. It provides financial assistance for the professional development of employees in their current jobs and in the enhancement of competencies for career development and promotability at MSU.  For more information go to the following link:

Professional Development Support Program for Academic Specialists

Educational Assistance is for the employee's personal use. An application must be submitted through EBS each semester the benefit is utilized.


Educational Assistance Application Deadline for Non-MSU & non-credit classes:
30 calendar days before the start of classes at your institution

Please check your employee group's collective bargaining agreement for educational benefits coverage.


Graduate Degree-related Educational Assistance Taxation information

Educational Assistance benefits are regulated by the IRS.  Graduate degree-related tuition benefits, specifically, are covered by IRC 127. The code provides a maximum taxation exclusion of $5,250 per tax (calendar) year. This includes tuition benefits for  graduate degree-related courses.   The amount that exceeds the $5,250 exclusion is taxable as income.

Please note that the exclusion is calculated on a tax (calendar) year basis.  For MSU Tuition Waiver, the benefit is considered received at the time the classes begin at MSU.  For courses taken at other institutions, the benefit is considered received at the time the reimbursement check is processed for a successfully completed course. 

Questions on Course Fee Courtesy or Educational Assistance?  Contact Julie Rorick at or 517-884-0177.