Course List

  • Query Studio is an ad hoc reporting tool that can be used to produce queries against enterprise data. Participants will be granted access to Query Studio upon completion of training. Additional ARM forms and approval to access specific data sets may be required. 

  • Would you like to set up your own Business Intelligence reports, or send them to other people automatically according to a schedule? Attend this course for an overview of Business Intelligence basics, plus tips on making Business Intelligence work for you.

  • Violence in the workplace exists along a spectrum with signs along the way. Identifying and addressing behaviors of concern in a timely manner is essential to preventing violence in the workplace.

    Instructors from the MSU Police Department will provide instruction on how to identify these behaviors of concern, give tips on intervention, and will give valuable training on how to respond during a violent incident such as an active shooter in your workplace.

    This course was formerly titled "Recognizing and Preventing Violence in the Workplace"