Course List

  • Performance excellence requires you to have significant emotional resiliency as you navigate the challenges inherent in your day to day work 
    life. Taking the time to develop strong emotional wellness-work effectiveness skills will increase your capacity for calm, creative response to 
    a wide variety of problems. Increasing your psychological flexibility and learning to operate from a high quality state of mind will allow you 
    to be a consistently high performing employee over time.
  • This session will build upon the Introduction to Qualtrics session and is designed to take advantage of the more powerful features that Qualtrics has to offer. This session will be held at an MSU computer lab to provide hands-on training. By the end of this class, you will have the ability to: use Display and Skip Logic, desin question blocks and edit survey flow, understand piped text, add embedded data to your survey to reduce the number of questions or provide additional information and conduct advanced analyses of survey results.

  • E-mail. Interruptions. Project transitions. Office clutter. Social and other media. Text messages. Even family and friends. These 
    seven “distractors” sometimes make it almost impossible to get anything done. It sometimes seems like there is always 
    SOMETHING getting in the way of what you really need to do.
  • Learn how to define and establish professional development goals and use the self-paced, online learning resource, elevateU, to achieve those goals and boost your career.

  • This interactive session is divided into three segments. In the first part of the program, participants will work to understand and identify categories associated with the various labels we apply to ourselves and others in our everyday lives. In the second portion of the program, participants will consider the ways in which these categories apply to themselves and how this shapes their interactions with others. The final portion of the program will introduce particpants to an exercise designed to enhance self-awareness and bridge connections.

  • When a skilled presenter delivers a presentation, whether in front of a room or around a conference table, it looks natural, confident and spontaneous. Yet, we have all been through enough horrible presentations to know that presenting is anything but instinctive or merely common sense. This course will teach you how to prepare a presentation that will engage your audience, communicate your message and utilize the best tools to deliver that message.