Course List

  • This interactive session will provide you the opportunity to learn about key accounting concepts and how to apply them to the finance system, including: accounting basics, funds, sub-funds, object codes, workflow, internal controls, reporting basics and more.

    Note: This session was formerly titled “MSU Accounting in EBS” and “Accounting 101”. This session will serve as a prerequisite for future MSU Accounting training programs. All Fiscal Officers are strongly encouraged to attend.

  • Do you want to know how to handle requisitions and what happens when they get to Purchasing?  We’ll cover key processes to ensure your unit’s needs are met. Additional topics: bid requirements, contract review/approval process, international purchasing, subcontracting plan execution and reporting, and more.

  • Are you new to MSU and/or to a financial role? The intent of this session is to answer the question: Where do I start? You have a vast toolbox at your disposal. This session will identify all of the tools and provide a guide to your training resources.

  • This session is designed as an open forum for participants to engage with the Controller, Chief Accountant and Payroll Manager. The intent is to provide an opportunity for the campus community to “ask anything” regarding policies, procedures, transactions, what the Controller’s Office can do better and more. Each participant will be asked to submit at least one item for discussion.

    This program is part of the Targeted Topics in Accounting Series.

  • This class is specifically designed for those who have been processing university business travel for more than one year, or who desire more in depth knowledge regarding foreign travel reimbursements and more complicated travel scenarios.  Topics and exercises will include: Fly America Act procedures, travel regulation policies, foreign per diem calculations, foreign currency conversations, and complicated/unusual travel reimbursement processing.

    Note:  This class was previously titiled "MSU Travel: Intermediate"

  • Documenting a gift to MSU is only the start of the journey for those funds.  As the fiscal officer for your unit, you are responsible for the tracking, reporting, and appropriate use of gifts to MSU.  In this session, you will learn about the flow of gifts from receipt through deposit and recording.