Course List

  • This two-day course teaches a step-by-step process for enhancing accountability, improving performance and ensuring execution. A combination of role plays and interactive scenarios allows participants to practice how to talk about violated expectations in a way that solves problems, improves relationships and improves team and organizational effectiveness. 

  • Have you ever been told you need to be "more strategic" as a leader?  Do you struggle to balance the daily demands of your position with the need to plan for the future?  This course will show you how to become a more strategic leader- whether you are "top dog' in your department, middle level manager or supervisor.  You will discover practical tools for aligning your own and your team's goals with the high-performance needs of the organization.  The course will include an in-class assessment of your preferred leadership style and a customized plan for becoming more effe

  • Learn what you need to do to create lasting change in your organization.  This class is based on research of the world’s best change agents to help you identify the high-leverage behaviors you should focus on, diagnose the real causes behind behavior problems, effectively motivate and enable others and create behavior change strategies that yield rapid, lasting results.

  • Effective leadership is imperative in times of transition, regardless of the nature or source of the changes you're experiencing. this session will enable you to understand the phases of change, deal with resistance, build support for change, and communicate more effectively to reduce resistance and build change adeptness in staff members.

  • Learn to develop a shared vision of success that will help you drive team performance, build trust, set goals and provide feedback to help enhance employee engagement and working relationships.  Practical, critical tools are provided to enhance the long-term success of your team.