Ethel Mason

Travel Policies and Reimbursement Processing

This class is designed for employees who have been processing university business travel for less than 9 months. Topics covered: travel contracts, authorizations, reservation processes and services, reimbursements, per-diem calculations, exchange rates, cash advances and more.  Processing documents in EBS will be included.

This class was formerly titled "MSU Travel 101" and "Travel Regulations and Reimbursement Processing"

Accounting in EBS

This interactive session will provide you the opportunity to learn about key accounting concepts and how to apply them to the finance system, including: accounting basics, funds, sub-funds, object codes, workflow, internal controls, reporting basics and more.

Note: This session was formerly titled “MSU Accounting in EBS” and “Accounting 101”. This session will serve as a prerequisite for future MSU Accounting training programs. All Fiscal Officers are strongly encouraged to attend.

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